La Fuites des Lucioles I

La Panacée, Montpellier

La Fuite des Lucioles was awarded on the first ETAC (Transfronterier Espai d'Art Contemporani) open call for a production and artistic residency grant both at La Panacée (Centre of Culture Contemporaine) in Montpellier and at Bòlit (Contemporary Art Centre) in Girona. A different phase of the project has been developed in each one of both art centers.

Meteorites are the undesired children of the galactic family. Dark, swift and silent, they are the only heavenly bodies that travel through the empty space without any fixed destination. When approaching to the planets, the gravity of these diverts their paths. The sum of all these deviations chained produces sometimes an anomaly in this eternal galactic dance and the meteor hits a planet or a heavenly body. Only then, when they crash, we become aware of their existence.

Meteorites, nomads in a silent and abstract infinite space, that common universe that we call the Internet. Nomads in the inexhaustible flow of data, they jump from one cluster to another not to look back, only to continue their drift in the digital infinity.

The universe now appeare