I finished in August 2018 an MFA Fine Arts at Goldsmiths University. I have also studied a MFA in the School of Fine Arts in Madrid and I have a degree in Architecture from the School of Architecture in Madrid.

My work has been exhibited in venues like Tenderpixel gallery in London, La Casa Encendida, Matadero and Tabacalera (Madrid), Würth Museum (La Rioja), P60 (Amstelveen), Kunsthaus Bethanien (Berlin), La Panacée (Montpellier) or Bólit (Girone) among others.

I published my first essay, Digital Time. Narcissus narcotised, in 2014. I write regularly in spanish in BritEs Magazine .

Check this interview for Madriz by Nicola Mariani where I talk about my latest projects and exhibitions (only spanish version): http://www.madriz.com/limites-y-fracturas/

Check my interview for Oral Memories (Ministry of Culture of Spain in:

Please email me if you want further information about my work or my CV.


Someone said that art exists because life is not enough. I feel fascinated by that intimate space in which we hide the thoughts and desires that trouble us and that make our life unstable. My body of work imagines characters that embody the abject self through a practice that is deeply linked to materiality and spatiality. My artworks represents that inner part of the self in fictional situations that often reframe or reenact news, tales, personal experiences or even artworks.

Javier Chozas